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Welcome to the My Wikis Alliance

Sponsored by MyWikis.com, providing premium hosting for all.

The My Wikis Alliance are a set of wikis aiming to provide help and support to each other, whether be technical, practical, or financial.

We are all INDEPENDENT. Mass-scale wiki farms that allow anyone to join (or with an auto-wiki maker) with over a hundred active customers are NOT allowed to be in the alliance.

To join, please email [email protected] and ask to join. Give us your wiki URL and we will evaluate.

The fee per month to stay in is $10, paid every year at the admittance month. This $120 per wiki farm per year shall be used as stimulus for 1. new wiki projects hosted by the My Wikis Alliance, 2. financial aid, and 3. possible centralization and costs savings. All of this will be voted on by the members.


  1. Must earn at least $200/year in revenue, ad revenue, or donations
  2. Must have at least one bureaucrat/top staff member that speaks native English
  3. Must be hosted wikifarm-free (unless you have a major side-wiki on the wiki farm you operate.)

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